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Residential Landscape Maintenance Services

Here is our full list of Residential Landscape Maintenance Services:

Spring Leaf & Debris Clean Up
Raking up debris, pine needles, pine cones, sand, salt, or any other items that have found their way onto your lawn during this incredibly long and cold winter.  We’ll prep your yard to look its best for the upcoming summer.
Mulch Application
During your Spring Leaf & Debris Clean Up, we can apply mulch to your flower beds and other areas you’d like to have it applied.  We’ll pick it up, bring it to your house, wheelbarrow it out and apply it for you.
Weekly Lawn Mowing Service
Includes lawn mowing, weed whacking/edging, blowing clippings off driveways & walkways, and your free scratch lottery ticket (of course).  We follow an itemized checklist of what needs to be done on your property each week so that no stone is left unturned.
Weekly Hand-Weeding of Flower Beds & Landscaped Areas
while we’re at your property, we can take care of getting rid of all those weeds that threaten to take over your flowers, mulch, walkways, and patios.  We’ll apply Round-Up if necessary, as well.
Monthly Tree & Bush Trimming or Pruning
You don’t want your trees and bushes to look scraggly while your lawn is so well cared for, right?
Monthly Irrigation Inspections
Because you’re obviously investing in lawn care, you want to make sure your irrigation system is a well-oiled machine.  Since we’re on your property much more often than your irrigation company is, we’ll do a once over on your sprinkler system each month to make sure nothing’s broken, not functioning properly, or not watering where it’s supposed to be.  If so, we’ll let you know right away.
Monthly Mulch Fix
As time goes on your mulch may mysteriously disappear – usually due to rain, wind, animals, or other culprits.  It can also simply fade, and not look as nice as it did when you first applied it.  We can add mulch to flower beds or landscaped areas as needed – saving you time and money.
Weekly Trash & Recycling Pick Up (Carlisle Only)
If you hate loading up your car with your trash & recycling, going to the transfer station, lugging the bags out of the car, and hauling them over the side of the dumpsters, let us do that dirty work for you!  We’re already at your property each week, so we can easily take care of the job.
Fall Leaf & Debris Clean Up
Before the first snow hits, we’ll clean up those last leaves, sticks, and debris that the fall winds brought to your yard, making sure that no heavy, wet leaves ruin your nice grass during the winter months.  You take care of your lawn all summer long – don’t let that investment go to waste by forgetting this important lawn care step.
Snow Plowing
It may seem a bit early to be thinking about this again – and frankly, you may not want to – but, if you sign up for snow plowing services now, you won’t have to scramble if we get an early storm in November.  Plus, we’ll put you on our VIP list for being one of the first to sign up for the next season.
Property Maintenance
We also offer both year-round and seasonal property maintenance services.