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Mulch Application

We offer Mulch Application both on it’s own or as part of our service packages.

During your Spring Leaf & Debris Clean Up, we can apply mulch to your flower beds and other areas you’d like to have it applied.  We’ll pick it up, bring it to your house, wheelbarrow it out and apply it for you.

Any other time of year, we can do the same – and we offer a  monthly “Mulch Fix” service as part of our regular lawn care program.

As time goes on your mulch may mysteriously disappear – usually due to rain, wind, animals, or other culprits.  It can also simply fade, and not look as nice as it did when you first applied it.  Our monthly Mulch Fix service adds mulch to flower beds or landscaped areas as needed – saving you time and money.  We’ll also rake back any mulch that’s out of place, giving you back your nice, clean edge to your beds.

If you’d like to add that to your services, contact us today.  Not a customer?  Request a quote for one of our packages and see how much time and stress we can save you with our lawn care services!

mulch application