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Landscape Clean Up Services

We generally do two Landscape Clean Up Services each year: a Spring Clean Up & Lawn Prep, and a Fall Leaf & Debris Clean Up.  Clean up services typically are the beginning and the end of the lawn care season.

We usually start at the end of March to do Spring Clean Ups to prepare for the summer lawn care season, where we rake up debris, pine needles, & pine cones, and blow off sand, salt, or any other items that have found their way onto your lawn during this incredibly long and cold winter.  We’ll prep your yard to look its best for the upcoming summer, and give it the first lawn mow and edging of the season.

Then, again at the end of November, during the Fall Clean Up we’ll clean up those last leaves, sticks, and debris that the fall winds brought to your yard, making sure that no heavy, wet leaves ruin your nice grass during the winter months.  You take care of your lawn all summer long – don’t let that investment go to waste by forgetting this important lawn care step!

If you need Landscape Clean Up Services and you’re not currently a customer, you can get a quote here.  If you also need lawn services, we’ll package them together for you and you can save some money!  Just let us know what you need.

Landscape Clean Up Services