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About Mow ‘N Grow Landscape Services

Mow ‘N Grow Landscape – formerly part of Turf’s Up Landscape – is a professional team of lawn care service experts focused exclusively on lawn care maintenance, fertilization (weed control management), irrigation, and pest control.

“After 16 years, close to 1,000 wonderful customers, 67,200ish hours, 21,300 lawns mowed, 1000’s of yards of mulch spread, a billion leaves blown, countless tons of snow plowed, one office cat named Munchie (cuz he’s always eating), a few broken windows, lots of bee stings, unimaginable amounts of subs for lunch, too much coffee, a constant effort in improving customer service, a few sunburns, 4 computers, some all-nighters, years without vacation, many failures, lots of learning, WAY too many ideas, some bad and annoying customers, mostly AWESOME customers that we love, a couple bad employees, getting chased by dogs, a GREAT team, bucket loads of ‘sweat’, plenty of laughs…

And we’re still here!”

‘Nuff said.

We believe that mowing your lawn (and caring for your property), is WAY bigger than most of us give it credit for.

(Read the ‘tale of two home owners’ here…)

If you were to ask us what business we’re in, our answer will always be the same:
“Making your life easier & stress-free…and your property looking better than ever.”

We make your life better. We make your life easier. We don’t create additional problems for you. Think of us as providing you a 100% Guaranteed No-Stress Service – and a yard so green your neighbors will stop talking to you.

We reduce your already too large to-do list for you. And we free up more time for you to spend it doing the things you truly enjoy doing.

Other landscaping companies might look ok to you, but you’re looking for GREAT, right?  Well, we are!

Sure, we have the same services and equipment as the other guys, but we do some really cool stuff that makes us great – like giving you a free gift each week when we mow your lawns, and sending you $10 VISA gift cards for being such an awesome customer.

(Find out more about our customer perks!)

We’re fully insured, so you know that your property is protected – and we’ll take full responsibility if anything happens.  Plus, we guarantee our services 100%, which means if you’re not happy with the way we did your work, we’ll fix it or do it again, FREE.

But you probably want to know how all this got started too – and if we’ve been around long enough to know what we’re doing!

Quick Facts:

  • We were founded in 2001 as Just Cuts
  • Started off by offering only lawn mowing services
  • We expanded to offer more in-depth services in 2005
  • Service Carlisle, Concord, Chelmsford, Bedford, Westford, and many other ‘fords
  • Fully insured, so you know that your property is protected – and we’ll take full responsibility if anything happens.

independent landscaper

  • Guarantee our services 100%, which means if you’re not happy with the way we did your work, we’ll fix it or do it again, FREE.
  • Some say we have the strongest guarantee in the state.
  • Leave you with a FREE gift (scratch ticket) every time we service your property.
  • Enforce a 100% legal work force.
  • One of the few to actually answer the phones live every time our clients call – during business hours.
  • Get out of the office and out of our trucks to work with our teams and train them.
  • Discuss safety.
  • Are big on Communication.
  • Often call and check on our clients
  • Send thank you cards and special gifts for referrals.
  • Survey to find out how we can improve.
  • Are available and willing to visit with our clients in person.
  • Don’t hide behind email.
  • In the rare event something does go wrong, we fix it fast.
  • Sharpen our mowing blades daily – so your lawn looks as good as possible.
  • Always educate our customers on how to do stuff better.
  • Are a growing company.
  • Call you and check in to make sure our first visit (impression) was up to your standards!
  • Build a team that has redundancy.
  • Have laser sharp focus on the green industry.
  • Building a long-term team.
  • Have licensing for fertilization, irrigation, weed control, pest control, etc.
  • Know our teams background
  • Change direction when we mow your property each week – so your lawn ALWAYS looks its best.
  • Only charge you for what we do.
  • Send you personal sprinkler setting reminders.
  • Low turnover with our clients and our team.
  • The guys and gals showing up at your house are the same week to week, month to month, year to year.
  • Focused on customer service – always.

And this is VERY important…

When it comes to credit card information, we are one of few landscaping companies that process credit cards with a P.C.I. compliant organization.  What that means for you is that no one can see the info when it goes into our system. It’s locked down. Nobody can get to it or see it. It’s highly protected. We comply with all these laws.

Lastly, we are a systems and processes oriented company. How does this benefit you?

Well, we can tell you when you call, when we get to your property, how long we were there – even a year from now. And we’ll be able to tell you exactly who was on your property and what day, how long they were there, etc.

We do this by using a very sophisticated software system. We track EVERYTHING – phone calls, conversations, everything you ask us to do, etc.

This type of approach allows us to drill down and find the most efficiency possible in what we do for you – so you save big. By putting in systems like this, it leads to the ultimate in efficiency – so you and we benefit in terms of service, price and experience.

We run a top-notch organization. We are going to be here to serve you long-term.

We are personalized, proactive and detailed, as well as friendly, courteous, reliable and reasonable.

There is no risk and no obligation. Give us a try. Ask us any questions. Our folks know the industry and will be happy to help you in any way you need it.

You get the best lawn care and landscape maintenance you’ve ever experienced – or your service is free.